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More Information on Peroba Reclaimed Wood


Peroba is one of the common names for the species Aspidosperma polyneuron. It is on the list of species in conservation in Brazil. Due to the fact that the extraction of hardwood from nature is not allowed, access to this wood is given through demolition of houses, sheds, coffee and corn bins, where the wood happens to be reused in carpentry, manufacturing of furniture, flooring and panels and other objects.

Peroba is highly resistant to the decay of fungi and termites. Known for its distinctive color and high workability, Peroba is among the most used woods in the decoration business. Because of its rustic appearance, Peroba is used in tables, chairs, doors, windows, floors, and paneling, allowing the joiner to obtain a unique look to the desired product.

Contrary to the new and modern materials that are available in the construction market, the demolition wood presents traces printed on its surface such as scratches, ink remains, color variation and deep veins that are acquired by time, which enhances even more its beauty. This wood has already been through many years of seasonal expansion and contraction cycles, so it is more stable than new wood.


Our reclaimed lumber comes from a variety of sources, including old buildings, barns, warehouses, sheds and bins of coffee, and other structures. Our woods are carefully selected, cleaned and processed, thus attesting to the quality of the products. The demolition wood is a sustainable material, charming and able to enhance the feeling of comfort indoors. Unlike new wood options, demolition wood is an environmentally friendly product because it is reused, which avoids the destruction of forests. With the increasing quest for sustainability, and certification of forest products and eco-friendly materials, the demolition wood Peroba wins more space with design engineers, architects and designers from Brazil and the world.

We guarantee that all of our wood is 100% reclaimed from old buildings, barns, rural structures and sustainable sources of reclaimed materials. Be assured that your GazolaWood product will be 100% recycled and you will be contributing to environmental sustainability.


There are many benefits of using reclaimed wood. The first and most important benefit is the positive environmental impact. We are living in a time where respect to preservation of the planet and the use of sustainable products is imperative. We do our share in contributing to future generations so that they do not suffer from lack of resources, especially natural.

Another positive point in using demolition wood is that each piece of reclaimed wood is unique. The possibility of developing and implementing projects with reclaimed wood use is endless. From the simplest to the most sophisticated project, the goal of working the contrast between ancient and modern is enhanced, resulting in fine works, with elegance and ecological responsibility.

An additional great advantage of the product is its strength and durability. Reclaimed wood have been slightly expanding and contracting for many years, adding to their extraordinary strength and durability.