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About Us

Vision, Mission and Values

Gazola is a family owned and operated company that has been in the market for the past 26 years. Gazola company aims to tread an environmentally friendly market. Our product consists of reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood. Our main purpose is to reuse wood taken from old buildings such as houses, sheds and bins of coffee, which were built with Peroba wood in the mid 1950’s, reclaiming the original wood and restoring its beauty to be repurposed in homes and businesses. At Gazola we have our own team of demolition, cleaning, classification and packaging. Each piece is manually sorted, thus ensuring a high quality product.

Our vision is to consolidate as the leading reference in the national market for sustainable products. Our mission is to inspire and help our customers to build beautiful environments, while delivering exceptional customer service.

Integrity, honesty and quality are the core of our business.